commander spoon

new wave of belgian jazz

Commander Spoon is used to drawing Jazz that is anything but by the book colouring outside the lines in stinging movements. After their vibrant first album, they are back to present a new collaborative piece called Flock. For this joyful musical assemblage, they gathered other thriving artists around them including Tristan, Shungu, Esinam, and many others.The band consists of Pierre Spataro (saxophone), Florent Jeunieaux (guitar), Fil Caporali (bass) and Samy Wallens (drums). They made several EP together and an LP called Spooning in which they interlace their eclectic wealth of influences into an energetic sound, respectfully demolishing walls between genres.

Management + Booking WW
Damien Aresta / Julia Camino
Booking BE Willem Vandesande / Busker
Booking CH Martina Kull / Glad We Met